Why Should You Use Procreate Pixel Brushes?

Pixel art brushes in Procreate offer a range of benefits that make them a must-have for digital artists:

  1. Unparalleled Precision: With best procreate pixel brushes, you have complete control over each pixel, allowing you to produce intricate details and clean lines with ease.
  2. Retro Aesthetics: Capture the timeless charm of classic video games, 8-bit graphics, and pixel art in your digital artwork.
  3. Versatility: While pixel art brushes are commonly associated with pixel art, they can also be used for various digital art styles, including texture creation, digital illustration, and more.

What Are Procreate Pixel Brushes Used For?

Pixel art brushes are incredibly versatile tools for creating artwork that features a distinctive, blocky style. They are perfect for artists looking to recreate the nostalgic feel of early video game graphics or add a unique, retro touch to their digital art. They allow for precise control over individual elements, making them ideal for detailed work and intricate designs.

You can use these tools to craft detailed sprites for games, create stunning pixel art landscapes, or design unique icons and emojis. They are also fantastic for adding texture and detail to other styles of digital art, giving your work a unique and memorable aesthetic. Whether you’re a game designer, a digital artist, or simply exploring new artistic styles, these brushes offer a fun and creative way to express yourself.

For anyone aiming to boost their art game, mastering how to choose a color palette for pixel art is key.

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How Do You Get Pixel Effect in Procreate?

To achieve a pixel art effect in Procreate, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a New Canvas: Open Procreate and create a new canvas. Choose a small canvas size, such as 32×32 px or 64×64 px, depending on your preference.
  • Enable the Grid: Go to the “Actions” menu, select “Canvas,” and then toggle on “Drawing Guide.” Choose “Edit Drawing Guide” and enable the “Grid” option. Adjust the grid size to match your canvas dimensions.
  • Pixelate Your Art: Use the default Procreate brush to create your artwork. Paint or draw within the grid cells, placing individual pixels for your design.
  • Zoom In for Precision: Zoom in on your canvas to work with greater precision.
  • Consider Art Techniques: Apply common art techniques such as dithering (using patterns to create shades and textures), anti-aliasing (smoothing edges), and using a limited color palette to enhance the art effect.
  • Layer Management: Organize your artwork into layers for better control. Use separate layers for different elements or effects.
  • Export and Save: Once you’ve completed your art, export the image in the desired format, such as PNG.

For more tips on preserving your art’s quality, check out our guide on how to save pixel art without blurring in Procreate.

How To Upscale Pixel Art in Procreate Without Blurring?

To upscale your art in Procreate without blurring:

  1. Open your art project.
  2. Go to “Canvas” > “Canvas Information.”
  3. Increase the canvas dimensions (width and height) while keeping the pixel size consistent.
  4. Use the “Nearest Neighbor” resampling method to maintain the pixelated look.
  5. Adjust your artwork to fit the new canvas size.
  6. Export or save your upscaled pixel art.

Best Procreate Brushes For Pixel Art

In our collection, you’ll discover an array of tools designed for creating detailed, retro-style digital art

  • Basic Line Tools: Perfect for drawing precise outlines and defining shapes, these tools help you create clean, crisp lines.
  • Shading and Texture Tools: Add depth and dimension to your artwork with tools designed for smooth gradients and intricate textures.
  • Detail and Highlight Tools: Ideal for adding small details and highlights, these tools help you bring your creations to life with fine-tuned precision.
  • Pattern and Fill Tools: Quickly fill areas with consistent patterns or solid colors, streamlining your workflow and ensuring uniformity in your designs.

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