Procreate Leaf Brushes

Almost every single type of art requires you to draw leaves at some point! Our Procreate leaf brushes will help you get your leaves, trees, and grass just right! They are an amazing tool for creating breathtaking landscapes. Check them out!

Most popular

Most Popular Procreate Leaves

Leaves and greeneries set artworks apart! They help set the illustration’s mood. Whether it is spooky and mystical, or summery and bright! The watercolor Procreate leaf stamps that we offer on Brush Galaxy are hand painted. They add such a whimsical touch to your artwork and designs, when paired with the right color choices! We also offer Procreate watercolor brushes in case you want to create your own watercolor leaves! We have also made sure to include a variety of Procreate leaf stamps that include both solid and non-solid ones that you can fill in with colors, as well as doodly ones that can be used to add some fun to your designs!

Maple Leaf Brush Procreate

We have also packed our Procreate leaves brushes with some maple leaf brushes for Procreate. They include some realistic maple leaf stamps for Procreate that can be used for any art project! In fact, you can pretty much find any kind of Procreate stamps on Brush Galaxy!

Tree Leaves Brush Procreate

You can also find an amazing collection of foliage Procreate brushes that will give your artwork some studio ghibli scenery vibes that every artist adores! It includes tree leaves brushes for Procreate as well as brushes for grass.

Autumn Leaves Procreate Brush

We also offer assorted autumn leaves for Procreate as well as maple leaf brushes for Procreate that can also be used for autumn-inspired designs, when paired with the right autumn color palette, that you can also find on Brush Galaxy to give you some warm autumn vibes!

Best Procreate Leaves at Brush Galaxy

We have carefully picked out some of the best Procreate brushes for you to take your greeneries art skills to a whole new level! Check out our Procreate nature brushes for a wider variety of Procreate plant stamps as well as animal and insect ones! Pretty much everything nature! Subscribe today to access 50,000+ Procreate brushes!