Procreate Skin Brushes

When it comes to painting skin in Procreate, it can be a bit challenging to find the right brushes as well as the right skin tones! From sketching brushes to line art ones to blending ones. You are going to need them all!

Most popular

Most Popular Skin Color Palette for Procreate

Our Procreate Brushes and the most popular skin color palette for Procreate are there to help you out! Fun fact, Did you know that skin painting involves purple and greenish colors, sometimes even blue?! If not, then you are in the right place!

Most beginner and even intermediate digital artists struggle to choose the right skin tones for their characters. They tend to use various shades of beige and brown without considering the undertones that different characters should have according to their origins. These undertones help make the skin look real and alive!

Some might even use grey beiges that will make the characters look a bit lifeless! This is why we recommend you get our skin color palettes for Procreate! Our Procreate skin swatches include an anime skin color palette for Procreate as well as dark skin color palettes for Procreate! They will help you when it comes to choosing the right skin color for your characters in Procreate from the very first time! No more wasting time on trial and error, and no more weird zombie skin-toned characters! Download the skin tone palette for Procreate now! They will also be very useful when attempting to choose cheek and lip colors, in a way that they will not look strange or unnatural!

Anime Skin Color Palette Procreate

We have also included an anime skin color palette for Procreate that you can so easily drag into your Procreate color palettes and start using immediately! Download the skin tone palette for Procreate The anime skin color palettes for Procreate that we have on Brush Galaxy include some fair pinkish skin tones that work well when doing anime characters design.

Dark Skin Color Palette Procreate

Dark skin is such fun to paint! As in real life, it looks rich in color and it also gives off a lively healthy glow! This lovely look of dark skin, however, is not easily replicated when it comes to digital art and illustration!

With the help of our skin brushes as well as our Procreate portrait brushes and even some unique Procreate watercolor brush along with the dark skin color palettes for Procreate that we have available for download, you will be able to perfect dark skin painting so it looks just right.

Choosing the right Procreate skin brush set to paint and add shadows as well as highlights, will help you give the character some dimension preventing it from looking flat. You can use the Procreate skin brushes that you download on Brush Galaxy to paint, smudge, and mix colors as well as add the right amount of healthy glow to the skin making it look perfect!

We offer you some artist-made skin color palettes for Procreate that will help you choose the right brown for your dark-skinned character or portrait. Subscribe now to download skin tone palettes for Procreate!

Procreate Skin Brushes at Brush Galaxy

The skin brushes that we provide, also include various skin textures as well as pigmentation that might be found on real skin! They will help with drawing freckles, pores, spots, and wrinkles as well as other textures that give off the look of hyper-realistic aged skin!

Not only do our skin brushes include human skin brushes, but they also include ones that will assist you when trying to draw animal skin textures in Procreate, like crocodile and snake skin!

They also include some animal skin patterns for Procreate, which can be used for a wide variety of artwork, designs, or even backgrounds. Some of the animal skin patterns included are zebra, giraffe, and tiger skin patterns. You’re going to need them all! But don’t worry though, our Procreate Brushes have got your back!

Make sure to check out our Procreate hair brushes, to be able to finish off your Procreate portraits with the best, most realistic-looking hair, brows, and eyelashes! don’t forget to also check out our Procreate tattoo brushes if you would like to add some tattoo designs to your hand-drawn portraits!

Join Brush Galaxy to be able to download skin tone palettes for Procreate, as well as Procreate skin brushes, for your next illustration project! You will also get access to over 50,000 Procreate brushes both premium and free Procreate brushes!