Free Chalk Brushes Procreate

Chalk Brushes for Procreate will help you replicate the look of real chalk on different surfaces. These brushes capture the texture, graininess, and softness of real chalk, allowing artists to create expressive and realistic chalk-like artworks. Explore our chalk brushes for Procreate, choose between chalk sketch brushes, chalk lettering brushes and many more, and download them now!

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Best Free Procreate Chalk Brushes

Hey there, Procreate pals! When it comes to creating chalks in Procreate, the right brush can make all the difference. As a Procreate user myself, I’ve experimented with various brushes, and here’s my take on the best ones for chalk paint:

  • Soft Chalk Brush: The go-to brush for that soft chalky texture. It’s perfect for concept art, sketches, illustrations of any kind, environment design, poster design, and many others.
  • Essential Chalks: Great for adding depth to your chalk art. It blends smoothly, akin to smudging actual chalk.
  • Sketching Chalk:  It provides a sharp, precise line that complements the chalk brush’s rough texture. There’s a heavy stroke with dense chalk grain, or a more light, and opaque one, and other variations you need.

Explore Best Free Procreate Chalks

Now that you are equipped with knowledge of many chalk brush types, I invite you to start your journey by downloading Brush Galaxy’s amazing collection of free and premium chalk brushes and testing them out.

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Why Should You Use a Chalk Paint Brush?

As someone who’s been navigating the vibrant world of chalk art, I’m excited to share why a chalk paint brush could be a good-to-use tool in your Procreate brush library.

Chalk brushes in Procreate bring a unique texture that’s hard to replicate with other brushes. They are perfect for adding a rustic charm to your digital artworks, giving them a natural, hand-drawn feel. Whether you’re working on a digital painting, a typography project, or even a whimsical illustration, the grainy texture of a chalk brush can add depth and character to your creation.

Is There a Chalk Brush in Procreate?

For sure! Procreate offers a couple of default chalk brushes, each with its own unique texture and feel. One of them is in the “Calligraphy” section in your Brush Library and it’s called “chalk”. The other one is called the Bonobo chalk brush, you can usually find it in the “Sketch” section of the brush library, although this depends on the Procreate’s software version.

Does Procreate Have a Crayon Brush?

Yes, Procreate does include a default crayon brush among its array of brush options. To find it, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Procreate: Launch the Procreate app on your iPad.
  2. Access the Brush Library: Tap on the brush icon at the top of the screen to open the Brush Library.
  3. Locate the Crayon Brush: You can find the crayon brush under the “Sketching” category, which includes a variety of pencils, charcoals, and crayons.
  4. Select and Use the Brush: Once you’ve found the crayon brush, tap on it to select it, and you can start using it in your artwork.

The crayon brush in Procreate is designed to mimic the texture and feel of a traditional crayon, making it ideal for adding a playful, textured look to your digital art. You can also customize the brush settings to suit your specific artistic needs.

Does Procreate Have Copic Markers?

Procreate’s versatility extends to imitating the effect of Copic markers. While not branded as ‘Copic,’ the marker brushes in Procreate simulate the smooth, blendable quality of Copic markers. You can find them in “Inking” and “Brush Pens” categories. They are ideal for illustrations, comics, and any project where you need vibrant, seamless color transitions.

How Do You Make a Tapered Brush in Procreate?

Creating your own tapered brush is simpler than you think. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Choose a Base Brush: Start with a default brush as your foundation.
  2. Adjust Settings: Tweak the shape, grain, and dynamics to suit your style.
  3. Personalize the Taper: Tailor the taper effect for precision and control.

And that’s it. I hope you liked this detailed guide on Chalk brushes. Until the next time!