Free Procreate Color Palettes

Welcome to our vibrant selection of Free Procreate Color Palettes, where every hue tells a story! Our carefully curated palettes are designed to inspire and elevate your digital art, bringing harmony and emotion to your canvas with just a tap. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just starting out, our palettes cater to every style and mood.

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How To Add Color Palette in Procreate?

Diving into Procreate and can’t figure out how to make your artwork pop with the perfect colors? Don’t sweat it! Creating a color palette in Procreate is a breeze.

Simply tap on the color icon to pull up the color disc, then hit the ‘+’ sign in the Palettes tab to get started on crafting your unique palette. And hey, if you’ve got an eye-catching palette from another project or found one online, importing it is just as easy. Head over to the same Palettes tab, tap on the import option, and voila, your new palette is ready to roll!

But what if you’ve done all this, and your palette still seems a bit…meh? Dull colors can be a real downer, especially when you’ve got a vivid vision in your head. Often, it’s because the colors aren’t as vibrant or well-matched as you thought.

Adding a swatch is super simple—just press and hold on the color you want to add, then drag it into your palette. If your Procreate palette is looking dull, try tweaking the brightness and saturation of your colors or importing a palette with a proven track record for that pop you’re after.

Every masterpiece starts with the right shades, so don’t be afraid to experiment until it feels just right!