Affiliate terms

By applying for our affiliate partnership programme, you agree to terms and conditions as well as license terms of Brush Galaxy.

The agreement between Brush Galaxy and an affiliate starts right after the acceptance of affiliate, and stops at the moment of termination. Both Brush Galaxy and affiliate partner can terminate this agreement at any time.

Brush Galaxy provides tracking dashboard to all affiliates, where they can track their sales and commissions. Affiliates are responsible for regularly checking their dashboard reports to ensure his earnings are in order.

If you, in any way, make unethical action such as fraud, abuse and other, we may terminate your account, and possibly take legal actions against you. In case of fraud, all payments to the affiliate will be stopped.

Brush Galaxy is not liable to the affiliate for any damage that may occur by system failure, virus attacks, loss caused by third parties, loss of profit, etc…

We reserve rights to change/modify our affiliate terms. Check this page regularly, so you can be updated.


After a visitor clicks on your affiliate link, you will get a commission for every purchase that visitor made in the next 90 days.

Affiliate commission is 25% of each sale after the buyer purchases a product via your affiliate link.

If customer buys subscription product via affiliate link,affiliate will earn 25% commission on the first  billing cycle for subscription that is bought. Free trial is not counted as billing cycle and commission will be generated as 0$.

Affiliate is required to have active PayPal account, since all the payment will be regulated via PayPal services.

Minimum amount of earnings for withdraw is 50$. Payments are made 7 days after affiliate’s request. First payout may require additional 5-7 days to complete.

Affiliates are responsible for any transactional fees.