Most Popular Procreate Monoline Brushes

Monoline pen for Procreate should be an essential part of everyone’s brush library, and it’s clear why that is. Outlining your illustration can make your work pop, and that’s why it’s important to have the perfect tool for it. Using the right brush can make a huge difference in the ease of your work. There are a lot of monoline brushes out there, but we carefully selected a collection of affordable, but high-quality monoline brushes that will help you achieve the perfect lines for your illustrations.

Monoline brushes for Procreate are popular because of their versatility, and they are considered a classic among Procreate users. They are smooth and their weight doesn’t vary. They are perfect for many things like outlining, detailing your drawing, lettering, etc. Monoline brushes for Procreate are also popular because they are simple to use. They are adjustable in size and a must in everyone’s brush library.

The main characteristic of Procreate monoline brushes is the fact that they are so adaptable to any style and theme. In this Procreate monoline brush collection, you can see a lot of brushes perfect for different kinds of projects. You can find brushes that are ideal for calligraphy, comics, doodles, pure line art…and just about everything else you can imagine. They are sleek,  flexible, and easy to use for everyone. The lines are clean and strong so you can do large pieces, but you can also do small details with them.

With monoline brushes, you can go from bold outlining to delicate detailing and it anyhow looks amazing. That’s the best thing about monoline brushes. They can go with everything! Monoline brushes have a more natural flow than most brushes, cause of their nature, and they can easily mimic traditional drawing – almost like a gel pen or technical pen when compared to real-life supplies.

You can change the size, opacity, and color, and take over your design. But, also worth mentioning is the fact that monoline brushes are not pressure-sensitive, which means that their width is constant no matter what. But the good news is you don’t have to worry about messing up if you are using them for tracing or outlining for instance – the lines will stay clean!

In this collection, you can find square monoline brushes for Procreate. Square monoline brushes for Procreate are preferably for calligraphy, specifically for sans serif lettering, due to their consistency in width, and also because they are flat. It’s easier than ever to create beautiful lettering on your own! You can make adorable cards for your friends and family, and give them a personal touch. Some of them are lightly textured, so they will give your letters a rustic feeling. Square monoline brushes for Procreate are a must in every calligrapher brush library!

Thin monoline brushes for Procreate are designed to create beautiful lines, fine details, and delicate shading. They are perfect for drawing any clean line with a fine edge.  Thin monoline brushes for Procreate are ideal for everyone who likes drawing delicately

In conclusion, monoline brushes are the perfect tools to get you out of a creative rut, from simple lines to complex shading and rendering, these brushes are capable of any task you throw at them.

Monoline Brushes for Procreate at Brush Galaxy

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