Procreate Grass Brushes

High-quality grass brushes for procreate are a must when it comes to natural-themed pieces. We put together some of the best Procreate grass and foliage brushes for you to choose from!

Most popular

Artistic Foliage Brushes for Procreate

Do you want to maximize your ability to paint more detailed foliage and grass in Procreate? Drawing grass from scratch can be pretty tricky and time-consuming, whether it’s a realistic or cartoonish one. That’s why is important to have the right tools for such a thing! Either if you are a professional or beginner illustrator, there is a wide range of grass and foliage brushes in this collection to help you achieve realistic scenery. The best thing about this Procreate grass brush collection is the fact that it can instantly add a realistic look to your illustrations. Having a huge collection of brushes to choose from is always a plus, especially if that collection is filled with high-quality brushes like these, as they will for sure bring freshness to your illustrations.

We all love nature, and nature can be so inspiring. The nature theme has always been among the most popular ones as the depiction of nature has a calming effect on us humans. Adding vegetation into your illustration has never been easier as these foliage brushes for Procreate have everything you need. The main use for foliage brushes is drawing bushes and trees, but you can also use them to draw clouds and similar natural elements. They are heavily stylized and super easy to apply. They also have a color dynamic which means you don’t have to spend so much time constantly changing colors. With these foliage brushes for Procreate, you will get a beautiful natural display in a matter of seconds!

Creative Foliage and Grass Brush Sets for Procreate at Brush Galaxy

If you want to add a lot of details to your illustration in Procreate, without spending too much time on every blade of grass, this collection is a way to go to achieve exactly that. This collection consists of a wide range of Procreate grass and foliage brushes, grass textures, and even stamps. Most of the brushes are designed by using genuine photographs of grass, so they will for sure give you a realistic feel to your illustrations. All procreate grass brushes are completely adjustable – you can control opacity, colors, and density of grass, so whatever you need, we got you covered. Our Procreate grass brush collection is filled with different textures, sizes, and shapes to choose from. You can create plentiful nature or scenery illustrations, or you can simply use them for decoration around text – it’s up to you.

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