How To Make Color Palette in Procreate

Ever feel like a kid in a candy store when you open Procreate, only to find yourself overwhelmed by the endless color choices? You’re not alone! Selecting colors can be as dizzying as choosing between a chocolate sundae and a rainbow sherbet.

So let me guide you through the delightful process of creating a color palette in Procreate, turning that overwhelming array of colors into a harmonious selection that perfectly suits your artistic needs.

Begin your journey with Procreate color palettes for inspiration.

Opening the Color Panel

First things first, let’s dive into the world of colors. Tap on the color icon at the top-right corner of your Procreate canvas. This opens the Color Panel, your gateway to creating a custom palette.

taping the colour icon

Creating a New Palette

In the Color Panel, you’ll see tabs at the bottom. Select the ‘Palettes’ tab. This is where all your color palettes live.

Tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new palette. Give it a name that resonates with your project or mood. ‘Sunset Dreams’ or ‘Ocean Breeze’, perhaps?

Adding a new palette

Choosing Your Colors

You can select colors using the Disc, Classic, Harmony, or Value sliders. Play around with these tools to find colors that speak to your artistic vision.

Once you’ve chosen a color, tap and hold a square in your new palette to add it. Fill your palette with colors that complement each other or suit your project’s theme. If you’re unsure how to start adding colors, learn how to add a swatch in Procreate.

Adding to your palette

Fine-Tuning Your Palette

If you want to adjust a color, tap and hold it in your palette. This brings it back to the Color Picker for tweaking.

You can drag colors around in your palette to organize them in a way that’s visually pleasing or logical for your workflow.


For those who want a quick start or inspiration, Procreate offers a range of premade palettes.

In the Palettes tab, scroll through to explore the premade options. These are great for getting ideas or saving time.

You can add or remove colors from these palettes to make them your own. If your selections seem a bit lackluster, understanding why your Procreate palette might look dull can help brighten your color choices.


Creating a color palette in Procreate is like mixing your paint on a digital palette – it’s essential for bringing coherence and mood to your artwork.

With your custom palette, you’re ready to paint digital masterpieces that resonate with your artistic voice. Remember, the best palette is one that reflects your vision and sparks your creativity.

For a deeper dive into expanding your color options, consider learning how to import a color palette in Procreate, allowing you to bring external colors right into your digital palette.

So go ahead, unleash your colorful creativity, and let your digital canvas be a reflection of your world!

Happy coloring, and may your Procreate journey be as vibrant as your palettes! 🎨🌈💖
P.S.: Stay tuned for more Procreate tips and tricks to add a splash of magic to your digital art journey! 🖌️✨🎨

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Tanya is a digital artist with a passion for bringing stories to life through her art. Drawing has been a part of her life since childhood, and over the years, she expanded her repertoire to include both traditional mediums and digital platforms. Her toolkit includes a range of software skills, from Procreate and Photoshop to Adobe Indesign, and After Effects.

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