Procreate Hair Brushes

Drawing hair digitally has been a challenge to many artists who are getting started with their professional art journey. This is why we’ve gathered some of the best Procreate brushes for hair out there, for you to choose from, to either draw stylized or realistic hair on Procreate!

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Best Procreate Brushes for Hair
If you have been struggling with drawing hair on Procreate on the iPad, then you have come to the right place! We got just the right variety of brushes for you! Struggle no more with drawing different types of hair. Our diverse collection of Procreate brushes will instantly improve how your art looks as well as save you a lot of time by helping you draw smaller hair parts like eyelashes and eyebrows to draw even a full furry animal! You will be able to find just about any hairbrush in Procreate that you are looking for.

Our selection of Procreate hair bushes includes brushes that will assist you when drawing straight, wavy, curly, or afro hairstyles. We also have hundreds of Procreate hair stamps, that will make your life a lot easier!
Procreate Curly Brushes
We have plenty of curl brushes for Procreate of different shapes, sizes, and forms as well as hair texture brushes in Procreate, and wavy hair brushes in Procreate. We packed our curl brush for Procreate sets with some hair texture brushes in Procreate as well as some dreadlock brushes in Procreate, to help you achieve the right look, texture, and volume of curly hair.
Dreadlock Brushes for Procreate:
Our collection of Procreate hair brushes also includes some of the prettiest dreadlock brushes in Procreate that will help create some beautiful rasta locks as well as braids!
Procreate Black Hair Brushes
Drawing nice African-American hair can be a struggle when you don’t have the right tools for it! Our brushes will enable you to draw perfect hair locks, braids, and curls! Drawing black hair will never be easier or look better! Subscribe to Brush Galaxy to get access to hundreds of Procreate hair brushes, as well as Procreate watercolor brushes and tattoo brushes for Procreate.
Hair Procreate Brushes at Brush Galaxy
Our huge collection of Procreate hair brushes will be a great addition to your Procreate brush library, packed with lots of afro hair brushes in Procreate, Procreate beard brushes, as well as fur brushes that can be used as Procreate dog hair brushes. Those will be most beneficial if you do children’s book illustrations or dog portraits. In fact, our Procreate hair brushes will help you with any type of portrait.

The Procreate stubble brushes that we have to offer will also assist you to draw the most realistic beard or shaved head look, that you might need when drawing a portrait. Along with our Procreate skin brushes which are packed with skin tone palettes, and textures, our Procreate hair brushes will take your portraits to the next level! So, If you are just a beginner testing the waters of Procreate, and just figuring out how hair brushes work, or even if you are a highly skilled artist, we promise that our Procreate hair brushes will tremendously improve your digital hair drawing game.

Join Brush Galaxy today! To gain access to hundreds of free Procreate brushes as well as premium ones. Our Procreate hair brushes will help you master drawing any type of hair, whether it is drawing smooth straight realistic hair or poofy afro-textured curly hair, or if you just need to draw a textured prickly beard! Subscribe now and instantly improve how your art looks!