Procreate Pattern Brushes

Do you like to decorate with ornaments and patterns? Creating a pattern by yourself might be a little bit difficult and a long process. So, you definitely should check out our procreate pattern brushes! You will be able to add different patterns to your designs quickly.

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Best Pattern Palettes for Procreate

Welcome to our collection of Procreate pattern brushes! Brushes that help you to draw any pattern that you chose, wherever you want. With Procreate pattern fill you can decorate postcards, fabrics, or clothes. You just need to download any Procreate brush in the pattern category, make a few moves by hand, and there you go! You have a pattern ready for print. Also, we have brushes with seamless patterns, which means you can paint a pattern on the surface as big as you need, and the pattern will not be interrupted.

On Brush Galaxy, you will find many different types of patterns, including half drop, lace, plaid, surface, and geometric pattern for Procreate. Therefore, you can choose any pattern you require and pick the one that best suits your design.

Procreate Pattern Fill

If you would like to fill all your background with a pattern, you should definitely check out our Procreate pattern fill collection. For example, you would like to decorate the background of your invitation or a postcard. Then you can use our Procreate fill with pattern. You just need to tap with your finger and your layout will be filled with a gorgeous pattern. This is a quick but enjoyable method to create a seamless pattern in Procreate. You can try brushes with different patterns and find the best one for you. 

Half Drop Repeat Pattern for Procreate

We also have half drop patterns. If you like ornaments in half drop style, you should see our half drop repeat pattern for Procreate. We have many different half drop patterns: bright and openwork or light and weightless. So, here you will find a half drop repeat pattern for Procreate for any occasion!

Lace Pattern for Procreate

Do you need a light and tender decor for a card or some document background? Then you should download our lace pattern for Procreate. It’s not the easiest and quickest task to draw lace by yourself. But we already prepared patterns with laces. There you will find many different lace ornaments and you will be able to change their color. So, you can decorate just like with ordinary lace.  

Plaid Pattern for Procreate

If you like plaid in decor or on your clothes, then you can check out our plaid pattern for Procreate. There are so many kinds of plaid in the world. And we have brushes with different plaids too, like checks, madras, glen, tartan, est. Now you can easily put the plaid pattern which you liked the most and receive a ready Procreate fabric design. This will be a material that was technically designed by yourself. 

Geometric Pattern for Procreate

We didn’t forget about the geometric pattern for Procreate either! If you like ornaments with rhombuses, circles, triangles, and other different forms, then you should check out our geometric patterns. We have a big choice of them, so you will find what you are looking for. Choose the best one for you and create your own pattern in Procreate

Surface Pattern Design for Procreate

You can surely use Procreate to fill with pattern your design on different surfaces. For example, you can try them on wallpapers, clothes, bed linen, or bag. Download surface pattern design for Procreate and create your own design! Also, you can use our tattoo brushes for Procreate and Procreate stamps if you want to add some stamps-details to your pattern.

If you are afraid that the pattern will be very bright and nothing will be visible over it, then you should use our halftone pattern for Procreate. With its help, you will be able to create light and invisible designs. We have a big choice of halftone patterns. You can find different halftone patterns, including halftone dots in Procreate.

Find Your Procreate Pattern Brushes at Brush Galaxy 

So, don’t wait anymore! Grab your Procreate pattern brushes and try them for your design. Create pattern in Procreate easily and quickly.

Join Brush Galaxy and you will get access to over 50,000 brushes both Procreate brushes for free and premium collections. Make sure to see our Procreate lineart brushes. With lineart brushes, you can write and add some quotes or draw on your pattern. Enjoy your pattern decoration and create a seamless pattern in Procreate easily.