What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

Hey there, pixel pioneers! Staring at your Procreate canvas and wondering, “What on Earth should I draw in pixel art?” is like standing at the entrance of a candy store, unable to decide which treat to pick – overwhelming, right? But fret not! Whether you’re a pixel art newbie or a seasoned square-stacker, I’ve got a treasure trove of ideas to kickstart your pixelated projects in Procreate using Procreate pixel brushes. Let’s embark on this pixel journey together and turn that blank canvas into a digital wonderland!

1. Start with Classic Video Game Characters

  • Retro Inspiration: Dive into the nostalgia of classic 8-bit and 16-bit video game characters. Think Mario, Link, or even those adorable Pokemon. Wondering about the versatility of Procreate for such projects? Can I do pixel art in Procreate? offers insights into making the most of this digital canvas for your retro-inspired art.
  • Why They Work: These characters are not only fun to recreate but also help you understand the essence of pixel art.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

2. Create Your Own Fantasy World

  • Build a Scene: Design a pixel landscape – a castle, a forest, or a futuristic city.
  • Add Characters: Populate your world with original characters. Warriors, wizards, or space explorers – the sky’s the limit!
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

3. Pixelate Your Favourite Animals

  • Cute Critters: Try your hand at pixelating your favorite animals. Dogs, cats, or even mythical creatures like dragons.
  • Detailing: Focus on capturing their essence in a few pixels – it’s a great exercise in minimalism.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

4. Transform Photos into Pixel Art

  • Photo to Pixel: Choose a photo and recreate it in pixel form. This can be a landscape, a portrait, or an everyday object.
  • Challenge Your Eye: This practice sharpens your ability to distill images into basic pixel forms. Enhance this skill by understanding how to choose a color palette for pixel art.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

5. Dabble in Abstract Pixel Art

  • Go Abstract: Experiment with shapes and colors to create abstract pixel art.
  • Emotion and Color: Use color theory to convey different moods and themes.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

6. Tackle Pixel Art Daily Challenges

  • Join a Challenge: Find or start a daily or weekly pixel art challenge. Themes could range from sci-fi to nature.
  • Community Learning: This is a great way to stay motivated and learn from others.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

7. Combine Pixel Art with Lettering

  • Pixel Lettering: Create pixelated lettering or even entire quotes.
  • Fonts and Styles: Experiment with different fonts and styles, from blocky text to more intricate designs.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?

8. Recreate Famous Artwork

  • Pixel Masterpieces: Challenge yourself to recreate famous paintings or sculptures in pixel form.
  • Study and Adapt: This not only pays homage but also helps you study composition and color usage. To ensure your artwork retains its clarity, learn how to save your pixel art without blurring in Procreate.
What To Draw As Pixel Art in Procreate?


“What should I draw in pixel art?” is a question with endless answers. The beauty of pixel art in Procreate is its versatility and the freedom it offers to explore both simplicity and complexity.

Sometimes, adding a bit of a soft touch to your crisp pixels can create an ethereal effect; learn how with how to add pixel blur in Procreate. So grab your virtual pixel brush and let your creativity run wild – one pixel at a time!

Happy pixel creating!

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Tanya is a digital artist with a passion for bringing stories to life through her art. Drawing has been a part of her life since childhood, and over the years, she expanded her repertoire to include both traditional mediums and digital platforms. Her toolkit includes a range of software skills, from Procreate and Photoshop to Adobe Indesign, and After Effects.

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