Does Procreate Have Crayon Brush?

Remember the good old days of scribbling with crayons, where our biggest worry was staying inside the lines (or not)? Well, Procreate might just take you on a nostalgic trip with its digital crayon brushes. 

As someone who’s transitioned from paper to pixels, I can’t help but revel in the charm of digital crayons. Let’s explore if Procreate has what it takes to bring back those childhood art memories.

Before we start:

Do you want to go beyond the basic crayon brush in Procreate? If so, take a look at some of the best custom-made Crayon and Chalk brushes for Procreate.

Is There a Crayon Brush in Procreate?

Yes, and it’s a digital delight! Here is the exact way you can find it.

Open Procreate

Begin by opening Procreate on your iPad. It’s like stepping into a digital art playground.

Open Procreate

Access the Brush Library

Tap on the brush icon – that’s your key to Procreate’s vast collection of artistic tools.

Brush library

Locate the Crayon Brushes

Head over to the “Sketching” category in the Brush Library. This is where Procreate hides its crayon treasures.

Crayon brush in sketch category

Experiment and Enjoy

Select a crayon brush and start experimenting. These brushes are great for adding a playful and textured look to your digital creations. You can almost hear the sound of crayon on paper as you draw!

Draw and see results

Customize for Your Needs

Don’t forget that you can adjust the settings of your crayon brush. Change aspects like size, flow, and texture to suit your unique artistic vision.

Procreate’s crayon brushes offer the perfect blend of nostalgia and modern digital artistry. They are ideal for artists who want to add a touch of whimsy and texture to their work. Whether you’re sketching a rough outline or adding final touches, these brushes bring a familiar and fun element to your digital canvas.

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Customize the brush
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Tanya is a digital artist with a passion for bringing stories to life through her art. Drawing has been a part of her life since childhood, and over the years, she expanded her repertoire to include both traditional mediums and digital platforms. Her toolkit includes a range of software skills, from Procreate and Photoshop to Adobe Indesign, and After Effects.

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