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Welcome to the colorful and creative world of Procreate Ink Brushes! As digital artists, we have spent countless hours experimenting with every brush stroke and hue on Procreate, we can't wait to share our passion and knowledge with you. Try out our top-notch ink brushes for Procreate now!

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How To Make an Inking Brush in Procreate?

A lot of Procreate artists would like to know how to create their own ink brushes that will help them express art ideas on their digital canvas. In my artistic beginning, I was no different. The custom brush creation process is like having a magic wand that’s tailored just for your artistic style. Here’s how I go about it:

  1. Open the Brush Library: Start by tapping the brush icon in Procreate to access your Brush Library.
  2. Create a New Brush: Select the ‘+’ icon at the top right of the Brush Library. This opens a new window where you can start crafting your unique brush.
  3. Adjust Brush Settings: Dive into the brush settings where you can tinker with everything from the shape and grain of your brush to properties like flow and opacity. Experimenting here is key – think of it as a playground for your creativity.
  4. Test Your Brush: Draw with your new brush on the canvas. Don’t be afraid to go back and tweak the settings until it feels just right.

What Are the 4 Techniques of Inking?

Inking in digital art, especially on Procreate, is an art form in itself. There are several techniques, but here are four I find particularly effective:

  • Hatching: This involves drawing parallel lines close together. It’s great for adding shadows and dimensions.
  • Cross-Hatching: As the name suggests, it’s about crossing lines over each other. It adds depth and a sense of texture to your work.
  • Stippling: This technique uses dots to create shading and gradients. It’s time-consuming but can produce stunning results.
  • Scribbling: Don’t underestimate the power of controlled scribbles. They can add a dynamic, energetic feel to your art.

These techniques, when mastered, can elevate your inking game to new heights.

What Is the Best Inking Brush for Procreate?

The question of the best inking brush or Procreate brush set in general is a bit like asking about the best flavor of ice cream – it’s highly subjective! But, if I had to narrow it down, there are a few brush sets that I find myself reaching for time and again.

Vintage Ink Brushes: With the help of Vintage Ink, you can effortlessly replicate the appearance of vintage posters, ads, and newspapers using ten specially designed brushes. Brushes with textures like Cotton Paper, Recycled Paper, Dots Halftone, and Thousand Stars Halftone are ideal for adding a traditional feel to the digital canvas and creating the illusion that the colors are printed on paper.  Not to mention, they are a good alternative to Procreate comic brushes.

Roller Ink Brushes: With the help of the Roller Ink brush set, you can create amazing artwork with ten exquisite brushes that have been expertly crafted to mimic the amazing look of traditional ink rollers without the mess or time commitment. Every brush has a distinct texture, and because of this richness, there are a lot of ways to mix and match them to create genuine artwork.

Asia Ink Brushes: All the materials required to create stunning ink artwork are included in this set. To achieve the best results, combine them with your special talents. Any design, including concept art, postcards, book illustrations, posters, and many more, can be improved. Proceed and utilize your unparalleled abilities and the traditional Asian inks to their fullest!

What Brush Should You Use for Inking?

In Procreate, the choice of brush for inking can significantly influence your artwork’s final look. I’ve always found that the best brush for inking is the one that feels right for your style. However, here are a few favorites:

  • Vector Pen: Perfect for clean, precise lines.
  • Studio Pen: Offers a smooth, fluid line with a bit of a taper.
  • Ink Wash Brush: Great for a textured, slightly gritty line.

It’s like picking the right sword for the battle – each brush has its unique flair!

Procreate Ink Brushes Free Download

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