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Flower Touch Procreate Brushes

by veila
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About the product:

My favorite tool in Illustrator has always been the pattern brush, so when the Procreate app got one, I was overjoyed! Immediately after starting the experiments, you can observe this happy collection of more than 100 pattern floral brushes extending a stream of leaves and flowers from beneath your Apple Pencil!

One of my favorite ways is to create a clipping mask above the text layer and cover it with a ton of leaves and blossoms. They work wonderfully for drawing lines, closed shapes, and all kinds of creative stuff. Check the video presentation and the cover art for a clue.

Stamping tools set is ideal when you just need to add a sophisticated finishing touch. Alternately, go the complete opposite and cover the canvas in vibrant clipart! Apply them precisely where you need to and add expression and wildness to your artwork.

How to install product files:


1. Download the product from our website (Products are in zip format)
2. Install the Unzipping application from the App Store (Recommendation: iZipp)
3. Decompress the zip product file
3. Tap the downloaded file to open it in Procreate
4. Use them to make beautiful art

Check out our in-detail tutorial on how to download and install the files.

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