Liquify Tool in Procreate: How To Use It

As a digital artist, you’ve likely encountered moments where a portion of your artwork needed a nudge or a twist. 

That’s where Procreate’s Liquify tool comes in. Procreate’s Liquify tool is like having a magic wand for your art, letting you twist, turn, and transform your creations with just a few swipes.

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In-Depth Exploration of the Liquify Tool in Procreate

To truly harness Liquify tool power, understanding each function in detail is key. Let’s take a closer look at this versatile tool and unlock its full potential.

Accessing the Liquify Tool

Open your artwork in Procreate. Tap on the magic wand icon at the top to reveal the adjustments menu. Here lies the key to fluid transformation – the Liquify tool.

Liquify tool

Understanding the Liquify Options

Once you select Liquify, a new world of options appears. You’ll see settings like Warp, Pinch, Expand, and Twirl, each offering a different way to manipulate your canvas.

Liquify options

The Warp Tool – Gentle Shifts and Nudges

The Warp tool is perfect for subtle adjustments. Use it to gently push and pull areas of your artwork. It’s ideal for fine-tuning shapes or correcting small imperfections.

Warp tool

Pinch and Expand – The Art of Resizing

Want to make something bigger or smaller? The Pinch and Expand options are your go-to. Pinch to compress and shrink parts of your artwork, and use Expand to make them larger.

Pinch and expand

Creating Whirls with Twirl

Twirl is where the fun really begins. Swipe left or right over your canvas, and watch as parts of your artwork spiral like a mini galaxy. This tool is fantastic for creating abstract effects or dynamic movement. For even more creative potential, consider making your own confetti brush in Procreate to add to the celebration.

Creating whirls with Twirl

Push and Pull with the Edges Tool

The Edges tool is perfect for creating more dramatic, directional shifts. It’s like having a comb for your pixels, guiding them in the direction you swipe.

Edges tool

Experimenting with Liquify:

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Play with the size and pressure of your brush within the Liquify tool. Each adjustment can lead to wonderfully unexpected results.

Liquify experiments

Combining Liquify with Other Tools:

Liquify pairs well with other tools. Try using it after applying filters or textures for some truly unique effects.

Combining Liquify and other tools

Final Touches

After you’ve liquified to your heart’s content, step back and review your artwork. Sometimes the smallest Liquify adjustment can make a big difference.

Finishing touches

Happy creating!

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Tanya is a digital artist with a passion for bringing stories to life through her art. Drawing has been a part of her life since childhood, and over the years, she expanded her repertoire to include both traditional mediums and digital platforms. Her toolkit includes a range of software skills, from Procreate and Photoshop to Adobe Indesign, and After Effects.

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