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Watercolor Flower Stamps Vol 2

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About The Brushes:

Wildflowers are a beauty when executed in a carelessly natural way. They have abstract shapes but yet there is a sense of containment and composure. As a part of my creative journey, I loved travelling to country sides and studying wildflowers to understand their form and colour palette. 

After a prolonged observation, I created a digital brush pack which would resonate a similar kind of freedom and independence without putting that much effort. 

Flowers Brush pack is one of the brush packs that I have created for all beginners as well as professional painters who want to explore diverse forms of these countryside wildflowers. 

With a personalised sense of abstraction, I’ve included five flower stamps and five foliage stamps in this pack. All you have to do is stamp them and find your own connection to nature. 

How to install the product files: 


1. Download brushes from Brush Galaxy (Products are in zip format)

2. Install the Unzipping application from the App Store (Recommendation: iZipp)

3. Decompress the zip product file

3. Tap the brush/brushset file to open it in Procreate

4. Use them to make beautiful art

Check out our in-detail tutorial on how to download and install brushes in Procreate


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