Procreate Tie-Dye Spirals Brush Set Vol 2 – 20 Stamp Brushes

Have you ever wanted to make tie-dye patterns without the mess?

Create awesome digital tie-dye patterns with this custom set of 20 Procreate Brushes! The possibilities are endless! If you can think it you can make it!

This is perfect for artists of all kinds! Designers, fashion designers, illustrators, hobbyists, and crafters!

Great for branding projects or creating your own UNIQUE patterns and art, whether personal or commercial work – this is a great set for you to assist you in your wonderful creations!

Some basic knowledge of Procreate is helpful, step by step PDF book instructions included.

What’s included in Volume 2 – Spiral Brush Pack:

.brushset file to load onto your Procreate app
Formatted for the Procreate app for the iPad Pro
20 tie-dye spirals, stars, loops, half teeth, random spiders, sunburst spirals, and sunburst stars stamp brushes!

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  • apparel
  • fashion
  • fashion design
  • repat patterns
  • seamless patterns
  • spirals
  • tie-dye

Tie-Dye Brush Spirals Vol 2

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