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Glitter, Glimmer and Glow Brushes

by Ley
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This Product includes:

These manually crafted Procreate digital brushes are ideal for producing stunningly vibrant, iridescent, and luminous artwork! – for various projects, you can mix and match?

This brush set comes with 5 color palettes and 55 different, separate digital brushes.

32 brushes will be provided to you!

Utilizing vivid colors on a dark background is a wise move.

Procreate’s brush resize tool or the move and resize tool can be used to change the size of the brushes. Additionally, by adjusting the opacity slider and/or the blend modes, the blend/ink charge’s strength can be changed.

Brushes are provided; see listing images.

 How to get it:


  1. Download brushes from Brush Galaxy (Products are in zip format)
  2. Install the Unzipping application from the App Store (Recommendation: iZipp)
  3. Decompress the zip product file
  4. Tap the brush/brushset file to open it in Procreate
  5. Use them to make beautiful art

Check out our in-detail tutorial on how to download and install brushes in Procreate


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