Procreate 10 Spaghetti Lettering Brushes / Single Line – Double Lines – Triple Lines Procreate Brushes / Texture and non Texture / iPad Pro

IMPORTANT: You need iPad/ iPad Pro, Apple Pencil (or compatible, pressure sensitive Stylus) & Procreate App in order to use these brushes. These brushes DO NOT work in Photoshop or other applications.

Hello Spaghetti World

This is my special Brush Collection -Spaghetti Lettering Brush Set
You can use them for your lettering. They will add fun characters on all kind of words and sentences
You also can use them for decorations any kind of your art work.
Want to enjoy them?
Download them and you just grab your Apple Pencil, choose the brush, pick a color, adjust size, start your artwork!!

What’s included?
> 1 file of Procreate brush, ready to install
-10_Spaghetti_Lettering.brushset –

I do not offer refunds or exchanges for digital downloads but I do offer support, so feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

I allow you to use these brushes to create commercial artwork and use them within your final art, but I do not allow the brushes to be shared or sold.

Work with my Love and Passion
Opal Yagley

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10 Procreate Spaghetti Lettering Brushes

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