If you have some trouble with the download, I made a video that might help: https://youtu.be/2q9rZ1sgYso
Please email me if you need anything – I love to help :] You can find my email in the product download files (Inside the readme.txt file)

Watercolor for Procreate is an addon that lets you paint watercolor just like the real thing! An amazing, realistic system for texture and authentic brushes are included with tutorial videos, bonus mockups, and more. All you need is Procreate 5.0.8/5x, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil. —

Fun Tutorial: How to paint a watermelon slice https://youtu.be/gryrZ7CXcG8

Watch this addon in action — You can find more videos and tutorial links at the bottom of this description.

50 tricky brushes? Complex processes to follow? No way! Watercolor for Procreate doesn’t have to fake it. 12 easy to use brushes are all you need to paint anything. I spent weeks developing each brush so you can use them just like you would if you were painting with the real thing. Watercolor is my passion and I created this addon so the results look authentic and the process is intuitive. You can even use this addon and follow regular watercolor tutorials on youtube and Pinterest!

Blending: This addon features an incredible blending brush that will let you mix any colors together. It creates a realistic spidery water pattern, or a smooth ombre style blend. It’s up to you! This is the only watercolor system for procreate that captures the spontaneous textures and colors mixing that you see in real watercolor. Watch the video, you cannot believe how realistic it looks!

Texture: A cold press watercolor paper texture is included inside the template file. The included video tutorial will show you how to set everything up and get painting in just a few minutes! The texture has two options, so you can paint with a full-screen watercolor background or with just a plain white background.

Brushes: You’ll love these brushes, and you won’t believe how fun and realistic they feel! Often, watercolor kits will include too many specialty brushes that are hard to use. Watercolor for Procreate comes with just 13 brushes that can do everything, so you can create realistic painting in just minutes. Most of the time, you can create anything you want with just 3 brushes. There is no need to sort through 50 different brushes – this premium addon makes the whole process simple and intuitive.


Procreate Compatibility: Please make sure you have the latest procreate. Check on the App Store to make sure you haven’t missed Procreate 5. You may need to update iOS to get the latest Procreate.

iPad Compatibility: All models that can run the Procreate app

This addon will work with any version of the iPad that can run Procreate 5 or higher

If you have any trouble with the addon, just send me an email about it. I love to help! You can find my email in the text file that comes with this product. You can also directly message me on Creative Market by clicking on my username.



The list of tutorials was getting too long, so I made a youtube playlist instead:

Main Updated Tutorial: https://youtu.be/a_ELULDxDEw


*Please make sure you have Procreate Version 5 or newer. You may need to check on the App Store and make sure you updated Procreate recently.

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