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30 Procreate Gemstone Brushes

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About the Product:

Diamond, Jewelry, Gold bar, 30 Gemstone Stamps for Procreate, and 30 Color Palettes

▶Stamps that can only be used with Procreate.
These stamp brush sizes and shapes can be adjusted, along with the opacity, color, and set-ups.
Stamps with gemstones can be used to embellish your artwork. These brushes can be used for tattoos, cartoon portraits, and drawing anime. 30 colors and 30 different styles are available.

User friendly! You can import the.brushset file into Procreate’s brushes by downloading it. Then, simply select a stamp and tap it on your screen with your finger or an Apple pencil.

What you’ll get
1 .brushset file with 30 stamps
1 .swatches fils 30 colors
8 png presentation images

▶Only the iPad app Procreate is compatible with these brushes. Other software programs won’t support them!

▶ Instant Download

There are no refunds or exchanges available because my products are digital. Please get in touch with me if your digital file has a problem so that I can fix it.

▶Please get in touch with me if you run across any file-related issues. Please allow me to assist you♥

How to get the product files:


  1. Download brushes from Brush Galaxy (Products are in zip format)
  2. Install the Unzipping application from the App Store (Recommendation: iZipp)
  3. Decompress the zip product file
  4. Tap the brush/brushset file to open it in Procreate
  5. Use them to make beautiful art

Check out our in-detail tutorial on how to download and install brushes in Procreate


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