How To Group and Ungroup Layers in Procreate

Grouping and ungrouping layers in Procreate can help you organize your artwork by creating hierarchies and simplifying complex compositions. 

Here’s how to group and ungroup layers in Procreate.

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How To Group Layers in Procreate

First, let’s group our layers step by step.

Step 1: Open Your Project

Launch Procreate and open the project where you want to group layers.

Opening the project

Step 2: Access the Layers Panel

Tap the “Layers” icon in the top-right corner of the screen. This will open the Layers panel on the right side.

Layers panel

Step 3: Select the Layers to Group

Swipe to the right on each layer you want to include in the group.

Group layers

Step 4: Group the Selected Layers

Once you’ve swiped right on all the layers you want to include, tap the “Group” option that appears. This will create a new group containing all the selected layers.

Grouping the selected layers

Step 5: Rename the Group (Optional)

To keep your project organized, you can rename the newly created group. Tap on the group’s name to edit it.

Renaming the group

Step 6: Expand or Collapse the Group

You can expand or collapse the group by tapping the arrow icon next to the group name. This allows you to hide or reveal the layers within the group.

Expanding or collapsing the group

How To Ungroup Layers in Procreate

Now, let’s ungroup the layers.

Step 1: Select the Grouped Layer

In the Layers panel, find the group you want to ungroup. It will have a folder icon.

Tap the group to select it.

Ungrouping the groups

Step 2: Ungroup the Layers

To manually ungroup layers in Procreate, simply drag and drop each layer from the group to a new position in your layer panel. 

Changing layers possition

Since there isn’t a dedicated “Ungroup” button in Procreate, this process is entirely manual. 

For a hands-on approach, swipe right on each of the grouped layers to select them individually. 

That's it

This action enables you to drag and drop them out of the group collectively.

You can nest groups within other groups to create more complex layer hierarchies if needed. Grouping and ungrouping layers can be especially helpful for managing complex illustrations, organizing elements, and simplifying the editing process in Procreate.

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