Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?

In the digital art and design arena, particularly on the iPad, Affinity Designer and Procreate emerge as frontrunners, each boasting distinct strengths that cater to diverse creative needs.

Whether your artistry leans towards the precision of vector graphics or the fluidity of raster-based painting, understanding the nuances between these two powerhouses, enhanced by the comprehensive selection of Procreate brushes, can be pivotal in choosing the right tool for your creative endeavors.

Let’s explore the functionalities, user experiences, and unique features of Affinity Designer and Procreate to discern which app might best suit your artistic journey.

Purpose and Focus

Affinity Designer is primarily a vector graphics editor designed for professional graphic design and illustration work. It excels in creating scalable graphics, logos, UI/UX designs, and detailed illustrations. Affinity Designer is known for its precision tools, vector and raster workspaces, and robust compatibility with various file formats.

Procreate, on the other hand, is a raster-based digital painting app beloved by artists for its natural painting feel, extensive brush library, and intuitive interface. It’s tailored towards artists who prioritize freehand drawing and painting, offering features like brush customization, advanced layer management, and an efficient workflow for digital artwork creation.

Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?

User Interface and Experience

Affinity Designer offers a comprehensive and customizable interface, with toolbars and panels that provide access to a wide range of vector tools, adjustments, and effects. The learning curve can be steeper for beginners, especially those new to vector graphics, but it’s incredibly rewarding for professionals who require detailed control over their designs.

Procreate is celebrated for its user-friendly and intuitive design, making it easy for beginners and professionals alike to dive into their art without a steep learning curve. The focus is on a seamless drawing experience, with gestures and shortcuts that streamline the creative process.

Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?

Key Features

Affinity Designer’s standout features include:

  • Non-destructive editing
  • Advanced vector tools
  • Persona switching for vector and raster workflows
  • Comprehensive typography tools
  • Compatibility with PSD files and Adobe Illustrator formats

Procreate’s key features include:

  • A vast selection of customizable brushes
  • Real-time brush stabilization
  • The ability to create and share brushes
  • Advanced layering system with blending modes
  • Time-lapse recording of the drawing process
Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?


Affinity Designer is available as a one-time purchase, which appeals to users looking for a professional-grade tool without a subscription model. It provides excellent value for the features and updates it offers.

Procreate is also available for a one-time purchase, making it an accessible option for artists looking for a powerful drawing tool without ongoing costs. Its affordability contributes significantly to its popularity among digital artists.

Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?

Best Suited For

Affinity Designer is best suited for graphic designers, illustrators, and professionals who need to create vector-based designs and illustrations. It’s ideal for work that requires scalability and precision, such as branding, print materials, and digital assets.

Procreate is ideal for digital painters, illustrators, and artists who prefer a natural drawing experience. It’s particularly well-suited for creating digital artwork, concept art, and illustrations that benefit from a wide range of textures and brush effects.

Affinity Designer vs. Procreate: Which App Wins?


Choosing between Affinity Designer and Procreate comes down to your specific needs, the type of work you do, and your workflow preferences. 

If your work revolves around vector graphics and design precision, Affinity Designer will serve you well. 

If you’re more into digital painting and drawing with a rich, textured feel, Procreate is likely the better choice. Both apps offer exceptional capabilities and can even complement each other in a versatile digital art and design workflow.

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Sofija, born and raised in Belgrade, is an award-winning illustrator known for her bold and colorful expressionist style. For the past four to five years, she has been mastering her craft using Procreate, blending traditional techniques with digital innovation. Her work, characterized by vibrant hues and dynamic compositions, often reflects her love for plants and textures.

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