Ultimate Lettering Kit

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he Ultimate Lettering Kit for Procreate includes everything from the Essential Lettering Kit plus more!

This kit has everything you need to take your digital hand lettering to the next level. In addition to Instagram optimized digital paper, I’ve included full sized versions of each paper in Landscape and Portrait so that you can complete larger + printable pieces.

This kit includes brand new brushes along with fully updated versions of my favorites! If you’ve purchased the original version of any of these brushes, let me know and I’ll give you a coupon for 20% off this bundle!

20 Brushes + 28 digital papers

Brushes included are: (Also included in Lettering Essentials)

LS Chalk 2.0
LS Chalk Mono (New!)
LS Micron Bleed 2.0
LS Micron Smooth 2.0
LS Fude Bleed 2.0
LS Fude Smooth 2.0
LS Fude Mono (New!)
LS Pencil (New!)
LS Soft Watercolor 2.0
LS Smudge*

Additional Brushes included:

LS Gelly 2.0 (features Procreate 4.0 Wet Mix!)
LS Crayon (New!)
LS Gouachy 2.0
LS Sharpie 2.0
LS Bistro Marker 2.0
LS Bistro Marker Smooth 2.0
LS Dry Marker 2.0
LS Brush Pen 2.0
LS Glittery (New!)
LS Shattered (New!)

~ Requirements for brushes: iPad Pro + Procreate app + Apple Pencil

Digital Paper included are: (Also included in Lettering Essentials)

Chalkboard – IG Stories x 3
Chalkboard – Square x 3

Green Chalkboard – IG Stories x 3
Green Chalkboard – Square x 3

Watercolor – IG Stories
Watercolor – Square

Additional Paper included:

Chalkboard – Landscape x 3
Chalkboard – Portrait x 3

Green Chalkboard – Landscape x 3
Green Chalkboard – Portrait x 3

Watercolor – Landscape
Watercolor – Portrait

*My Smudge brush is what I use with the Smudge tool to blend overlapping letters in my watercolor lettering. For more on this, follow me on Instagram (@lefty.script) and view the Tutorial in my Stories’ highlights.

All files will need to be unzipped before Importing/Using with Procreate. You can either unzip them on your computer and airdrop them to your iPad pro, or download a zip app on your iPad.

★ Be Cool

╰ File(s) may NOT be redistributed or resold in any form

╰ You are free to sell any artwork you create with the brush, but not the brush file itself

╰ Follow and tag me on Instagram @lefty.script or use the hashtag #leftyscriptbrushes if you feel like sharing! 😊

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