Tie-Dye Patterns Builder Brushes

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Including 9 brushes in one zip file. (This set has 3 patterns of Tie Dye, and each pattern has 3 brushes in different size and shape) Just unzip the file and open the brush set in the Procreate app. Tap on the screen once to apply the stamp to your design. Each Tie Dye pattern will combine by 3 brushes to be a perfect tie-dye pattern. (You can find by name and the number on each brush.)

Here is what you will receive :
– 9 Procreate Brushes: (Personal and Commercial Use)
Tie-Dye 1-1, Tie-Dye 1-2, Tie-Dye 1-3
Tie-Dye 2-1, Tie-Dye 2-2, Tie-Dye 2-3
Tie-Dye 3-1, Tie-Dye 3-2, Tie-Dye 3-3,
– BONUS: 3 Tie-Dye Digital Paper: size 12×12 inches with 300 dpi (JPG)

Simple 5 steps to create a stunning beautiful Tie Dye pattern.
1. Create a new artboard and choose your color for the background.
2. Add a new layer, and stamp brushes of each pattern in white color. (Remember to create a new layer for each brush.)
3. Arrange a layer in order. Brush number 2 and 3 must be above the background layer. And number 1 must always on the top.
4. Apply a layer of brush number 2 and 3 into the Overlay format.
5. Adjust the size, composition, direction, opacity, etc. of each layer to suit your creative design.

You can use the stamps to create patterns, illustrations, digital Paper, digital Planner, greeting cards, DIY Projects, and much more!

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