Serendipity Lettering Brushes & Palette

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This hand created beautiful Procreate digital watercolour lettering brush is perfect for creating a smooth and pressure sensitive lettering experience. The brush is a dual colour brush and is versatile in terms of any adjustments made to size and opacity sliders.

Also included is a Serendipity colour palette- designed for complimenting dual colours.

To pick your dual colours go to any of the ‘harmony/classic/disc’ colour palettes after setting your serendipity palette to default. Then tap one of the two colour boxes depicting dual colour choice to switch colour choice.

The brush can be resized using the brush resize tool in Procreate, or by using the move and resize tool once your lettering is complete. Additionally, the strength of the blend/ink charge can be altered by using the opacity slider and or blend modes.

This will only work within the Procreate App. To be able to use the brush you will need an Apple Pencil and the Procreate App installed on an iPad Pro. This will not work without this.
– To download and install the files you will need a platform to download the files to (eg iCloud) and a program to be able to unzip the files (for eg iZip). Once you have done this the files will then be imported to Procreate within a named folder.

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