Scaris Nights Pattern Brush Pack + Color Palette

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8 Pattern brushes + color palette inspired by Monster High’s Rochelle. Do you love drawing Monster High but hate drawing intricate patterns by hand and are tired of trying to get the colors right every time? This is for you!! Pack includes:


“Weathered stripe”- rochelle’s wave one top stripe pattern

“City of Frights ”-rochelle’s scaris bodice filigree pattern

“Stony complexion”- Stone skin pattern with speckles and cracks

“Ornate architecture”- curlicue structured filigree pattern

“Scaris nights”- wave one Rochelle complex skirt pattern

“Fleur de lis”- fleur de lis pattern

“Boo la la”- weathered mixed thickness stripe pattern


Bonus brush

“Killer style” From oh my Ra brush pack- vertical stripes


The color palette used in the sample image, shown on bottom left

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