Procreate Tie-Dye Brushes Volume 2, Digital Brushes

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Cool easy to use Tie-Dye Brushes!
Make quick tie-dye digital creations with these easy-to-use brushes.

Includes 10 Brushes (including 3 universal brushes from Volume 1)

New spirals, outer pieces, stripes, full design circles, a tie-dye brush for painting or erasing, and more!
This Volume even features an Ice Tie-Dye pattern, full circle, and a Shibori design!

Use multiple layers to create blends that look realistic.

Stamp the pre-made brushes in patterns with any color you choose to create your own unique designs.

A general tie-dye stroke brush is also included to help erase and add color if needed.

Unlimited combinations.

Export the files to use on your own designs and mockups.

Procreate app

Purchase the brush bundle. Access the download from a browser on your iPad. Tap the file (open), it should automatically open and install into Procreate, in the brush section.

Have fun and create cool tie-dye!

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