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Procreate Basic Shapes | Procreate stamp brushes | 150 basic shape stamps to use in procreate

Speed up your workflow in Procreate by using this stamp brush set, basic shapes. This set includes 150 high-quality stamps of basic and geometric shapes, ready to use in any project.

No need to trace over, the stamps can be used directly in your artwork.

Not pressure-sensitive, change to the size you want and get the same result every time you stamp.

The brushes come in one brush set, organized into sub-categories for convenience.

To download a demo of this brush set; visit

Please note that this is a digital download only. No physical object will be sent to you.


diamond shapes
different geometric shapes
scallops …and much more!
WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: one .brushset file with all brushes included filesize: 55,2 MB

REQUIREMENTS FOR USE: (not included) These brushes are only compatible with Procreate 5 or higher, and will not work in any other application.

HOW TO IMPORT BRUSHES INTO PROCREATE: Download the files to the iPad or connected cloud service and unzip the file. Then you can either tap on the unzipped file or open the Procreate brush library and click the plus in the upper right corner, and your brush set will be at the top of the brush-set library.

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