Paper Textures – Procreate Brushes

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Discover your creativity with unique Procreate brushes:

Create a beautiful realistic background in one moment!
Perfect tools for Pro Tattoo Artists or Graphic Designers.
Give a lot of fun to any Artistic Soul.
This is a simple way to add realism to your digital sketches!
30 Procreate brushes created by torus1.

176 MB High-resolution procreate brushes.
30 Real Textures Brushes.
Brushes can be stacked on top of each other. Which gives original compositions.
This is only for 1 device. It May not be used on many devices.

All brushes are perfectly designed for the Apple iPad and Apple Pencil.
A brush pack made for Procreate version 5. If you have a lower version, make updates. All rights reserved

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