Novelty Christmas Brushes + Digital Glitter Paper + Tutorial

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Create beautiful, sparkling digital pieces with my 3 Novelty Christmas Brushes: Tinsel, Garland, and Glitter. Make them extra glittery with my gold or green glitter papers and tutorial included!

(Pictured above are the brushes with and without the glitter paper overlay. Glitter brush is shown without an overlay in both images)

Included in this listing:
— LS Tinsel Brush
— LS Garland Smooth Brush
— LS Glitter Brush
— Gold Glitter Paper (2732×2048)
— Green Glitter Paper (2732×2048)
— Glitter Overlay Tutorial PDF

~ These are custom brushes created for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro.

~ You will receive 3 brush files, 2 PNG images, 1 PDF

~ Requirements: iPad + Apple Pencil + Procreate app

★ Be Cool

╰ File may NOT be redistributed or resold in any form

╰ You are free to sell any artwork you create with the brush, but not the brush file itself

╰ I’d love to see your creations using my brushes if you’d like to share, so please follow and tag me on Instagram @lefty.script or use the hashtag #leftyscriptbrushes

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