Monoline Brush Pack

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Get excited for this new Monoline brush pack for Procreate! Six crafted brushes to give you every inspiration for your lettering! Add some new style to your monoline designs with some texture or keep it clean and tidy. With this pack the choice is yours! If you want loads of texture and for your designs to glow, look no further!

Just starting out? That’s great! Ive included a free bonus monoline practice worksheet! Get all the practice you could ever want and hone your skills.

Important: Brushes only work for Procreate. They will not work in Photoshop or other sketching apps.

Included in this pack are six monoline brushes and a bonus practice sheet.

CleanLine: For all of your most refined designs. Providing a wonderfully smooth drawing experience.

GrungeLine: Add a little texture to your monoline ideas and create something new.

HexGrungeLine: Take the GrungeLine one step farther with this Hexagonal shaped brush. This adds a little bit of character to the ends of your lines.

GrungeLineGlow: Ready for something really unique in your designs? How about some glowing texture! Bring a real edge to your next project!

RoughLine Get that classic rough edge look from this solid brush.

Dots Just something silly and fun! Play around and experiment!

FREE PRACTICE WORKSHEET Use this to hone your lettering skills and really lean each letter form at it’s most basic shape. This document is made up of several layers. Each letter has it’s own writing layer and guide layer. Simply turn on the writing layer and the letter layer you want to practice.

Have fun and enjoy these great brushes!

Install instructions: Download zip file, use your computer to unzip the file or use one of the several free apps in the App Store. (I use Documents) Use Dropbox or iCloud to transfer the unzipped brush files to your iPad. From Procreate you can import new brushes from the brushes menu. Hit the + symbol and choose import. Then locate your brushes and import one at a time. Once you’ve got them all in Procreate start creating amazing designs!

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