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The Mono Weight Brush is a simple mono weight (not affected by pressure) brush designed for lettering and illustration on the iPad. This brush features the streamline setting to help create smooth and steady lines.
As this is a digital file, nothing will be shipped to you. This product is designed for the application Procreate in conjunction with the iPad. An Apple Pencil is recommended but not required. This purchase includes one brush.
After your purchase, you should notice that one file is included, a ZIP file. In order to unzip this file, locate the file on your iPad (in the ‘Downloads’ folder). Simply tap the file to unzip. A new folder will be created (with the same file name). Tap the folder to open it. Once opened, you should notice two files, the actual brush as well as a PDF. The PDF includes instructions on how to install your brush to Procreate, if you need that information.
You may use this brush to create projects for both commercial and private use. However, do not claim this brush as your own, or recreate or resell it in any manner.
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