MillionAyres Halloween Brush Set

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This is a bundle of 14 Halloween themed brushes, stamps and patterns. These custom brushes are ONLY for the Procreate app on the iPad Pro.

Brushes include:

• Square Web Monoline Brush – Perfect for true squared off lettering with spider web detail
• Happy Holloween Stamp- a pre-lettered script stamp
• Dry Bone Stamp
• Pumpkin Stamp
• Witch’s Hat Stamp
• Frankie-Stein Stamp
• Candy Corn Stamp
• His and Hers Skulls Stamp
• Pumpkin repeating border pattern Brush
• Ghost repeating border pattern Brush
• Bones repeating border pattern Brush
• Frankie repeating border pattern Brush
• Candy Corn repeating border pattern Brush
• Seamless themed repeating pattern texture brush

These custom Procreate brushes include pressure sensitivity for calligraphic design, hand lettering, and illustration.

These are digital files available for instant download.
Included in the files are instructions on how to install your new brush set.

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