Juicy Gloss Brushes for Procreate | 7 Lettering & Calligraphy Brushes

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These lettering brushes are perfect for making the most sticky and glossy glass and lip gloss effects. They are also perfect for brush calligraphy, which gives a really 3D look to the brush strokes. Each of the brushes has been carefully named to help you find the right effect, feel free to blend them with others to create your own unique style! If you like this set, then check out some more of our procreate lettering brushes here www.etsy.com/shop/tilleybrushes (especially our paint and watercolor brushes!)

We created this collection of 6 lettering brushes to give you a variety of looks that will vary from thin, clean strokes to thick, high-gloss lines. They are pressure sensitive and smooth when used with an Apple Pencil. The six brushes come in a variety of glossy finishes; some are very high gloss, almost glass-like, while others are more dense, vibrant, deep glossy. Please note that these brushes should be used with the iPad procreate app, not procreate pocket.

This is my oldest bestselling set, and it has been through many updates since I first put it out. If you purchase, you will receive all future updates. I hope you enjoy!

– 1 .brushset file
– download instructions

To download, you will access your files from your emailed receipt or www.etsy.com/your/purchases. Simply download your files, and tap them in your Downloads folder to automatically upload them to Procreate. Please reach out if you have any trouble!

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