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Introducing HEX TONES From Live the Adventure Supply Co.

Do you like halftones? Do you like that extra little something to make your designs unique? Then these HEX TONES are for you! These fun new Hexagonal halftones will give your designs something subtly different. The subtle nature of these HEX TONES will give you the versatility of well crafted halftone brushes with the amazing aesthetic of hexagons!

Included in this brush pack are twelve well crafted Procreate brushes to meet every need.

Important: Brushes only work for Procreate. They will not work in Photoshop or other sketching apps.

Install instructions: Download zip file, use your computer to unzip the file or use one of the several free apps in the App Store (I use Documents). I usually download zip files straight into Documents which lets me unzip and access them from any other app on my iPad. You can unzip the file on your computer and use Dropbox or iCloud to transfer the files to your iPad. Once you’ve unzipped the file open Procreate and then the Brushes tab. From there, scroll to the top of the brush sets and create a new set. Next open documents in a separate window by swiping up from the bottom and dragging it up to open it. Navigate to the brush files and select them all and drag them over to your new set. Now you’re ready to go!

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