Graphic Beats: Stamp Brushes

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Graphic Beats is a massive pack of artistic stamp brushes for ProCreate app. Drop creative strokes, speech bubbles, swooshes, splashes and other high-resolution drawings and paintings with a single touch of Apple Pencil. This incredibly expressive and genuine artistic pack will provide you with tons of pro-grade assets to create beautiful and eye-catching designs with ease.

To me, graphic design and music were always alike. They may seem so easy and even careless sometimes, but behind every creative mess or a light upbeat tune there are always hours of hard work, practice, and polishing. And to save you some precious time and efforts, I’m happy to bring this huge brushes pack, designed with endless love and passion to graphic design.

Check a quick process video to see how easy and intuitive it is to work with Graphic Beats:

Graphic Beats pack includes:

330 high-res stamp brushes for ProCreate
330 high-res PNG stamps
5 artistic categories
Limitless creativity
How to Install video tutorial:
Works great with Background Textures for ProCreate — my set of paper textures, created specially for iPad Pro and ProCreate app:


Presentation style is inspired by the gorgeous Behance project by Cynthia Alonso:
Photo by Jason Rosewell:
Photo by Audrey M Jackson:
Music in the video — Happy Step by Nordgroove:

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