Fudish – Hand Lettering Brush

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It’s not Fude, it’s Fude-ish! Based on my best selling brush, Fude, (which is based on the best selling fudenosuke pens) Fudish’s strokes and thicks and thins bend and change depending on the angle you hold your Apple Pencil. If you like Fude, but want just a little bit more personality and minor unpredictability, Fudish is for you!

Included in this listing:
— LS Fudish Brush

~ These are custom brushes created for the Procreate App on the iPad Pro.

~ You will receive 1 Procreate .brush file

~ Requirements: iPad + Apple Pencil + Procreate app

★ Be Cool

╰ File may NOT be redistributed or resold in any form

╰ You are free to sell any artwork you create with the brush, but not the brush file itself

╰ Follow and tag me on Instagram @lefty.script or use the hashtag #leftyscriptbrushes if you feel like sharing! 😊

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