Figurá: 65 Procreate Shape Brushes

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Figurá: 65 Procreate Shape Brushes

Figurá inspired by the beauty of elements in abstract painting, simple shapes, the roughness of each brushstroke inside the painting. Created from a real abstract shape made from ink, brush, and pastel. Each shape scanned into a digital version and crafted carefully to get the maximum shapes and detail inside the shape itself.

Figurá is suitable for you who are looking for playfulness and careless elements to put in your artworks. Use it as branding elements, PowerPoint background, wallpaper, art prints, or even to make a new phone case for you! Everything is possible with Figurá shapes both for digital or print usage.

Import the Figurá shapes into Procreate 5 or higher for Ipad, each shapes already crafted and composed for Procreate. if you need a tutorial on how to install you can check it here:

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