Delicate Watercolor Procreate Brush Set, 55 Realistic Watercolor Stamps for Procreate

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Introducing the Delicate Watercolor Brush Set for Procreate. Brush Set includes 55 realistic watercolor stamps, 6 wash dynamic watercolor brushes and 3 brushes for lettering with watercolor texture. Watercolor brushes are very delicate and provide nice, tender color and texture. If you want to get a richer color or texture, duplicate brush or use suitable blending mode (multiply, darken, color burn, etc). You can easily change the size and rotation of stamps.

Watercolor Brush Set are suitable for various projects like printing products, branding and packaging, typographic compositions, social media templates, modern collages and moodboards. You can also create trendy posters in contemporary style for your interior in a few clicks!

IMPORTANT: You need iPad Pro, Apple Pencil (or compatible, pressure sensitive Stylus) & Procreate App in order to use this brushes. These brushes DO NOT work in Photoshop or other application.

Zip-file contains: (NOTE: Unzip file before upload brushes to Procreate)

– 55 watercolor stamp brushes
– 6 wash dynamic brushes
– 3 watercolor lettering brushes

Brushes are saved as 3 different Brush Sets.


COMPATIBILITY: Please note these are digital brushes which will only work in the Procreate App for iOs. They will not work in Photoshop or other software applications.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.

Have fun and thank you for feedback and purchase:)

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