Procreate Cute Kids Grids

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OLA! This is an incredible set of grids for creating cute kids! You can create various versions of illustrations. The set contains brushes for the face and nets for the body. Therefore, you can create full-fledged characters. Also in the set there are texture brushes (only for Procreate). And also I added 3 sheets with examples of creating illustrations to the set. This will be a little clue for you. Enjoy the brushes and expect feedback from you! You can always tell me your wishes regarding the product.

The set includes 140 brushes with various details: bodies, face shapes, noses, mouths, eyes, facial features, hairstyles, as well as BONUS – a set of texture brushes (for the program Procreate). I also added some favorite palettes, I drew the preview with the same palettes.

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