99 Music Stamps for Procreate, Music Notes & Instruments Brush Set

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99 Music Stamps for Procreate. Musical notes and Musical instruments Stamps for Procreate. Music Drawings for Procreate. Cute musical Brushes for Procreate.

Pop on your favourite tunes and doodle in Procreate with these fun Music icon hand drawn stamps. You are free to use these Music brushes to create your own custom art. Make instagram story highlights, mugs, festival posters etc.. you can use these procreate stamps for commercial and personal usage.

This brush set included 99 procreate stamps of music icons hand drawn by ‘Me’, all properly named for easy use. There are a lot of shapes to choose from (check out the video and photos) from guitars, music notes, violins, also lots of added bits and pieces to make your are pop, lots of stars, hearts and sparkles.

You are not allowed to sell these stamps as your own on any platform. If you have any further questions about my commercial license please feel free to contact me.

To install simply download the file and click on ‘music.brushset’ and it will automatically install them into procreate.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Thank you so much 🙂

Emma x

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