48 Brushes Bundle for Painting, Illustration, Calligraphy

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So you want the whole kit and kaboodle? Then this fabulous bundle of 48 of my best-selling brushes is for you!

This bundle features 7 of my most popular brush and stamp sets including:

– Watercolour Stamp Set
– Watercolour Brush Set
– Watercolour Flow Set
– Gouache Set
– C@pic Marker Set
– Inky Stamp Set
– Gold Brush Set

These brush sets are perfect for a variety of applications (calligraphy, illustration, painting, graphic design) for use in the Procreate app on the iPad.

Save money by buying the bundle and receive a plethora of Procreate brushes for your creative works!

* Please note that these brushes can only be used in the app Procreate on an iPad or Procreate Pocket on an iPhone.

* This brush bundle was created by Lisa Filion. Please do not share or re-sell without my permission.

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