40 Procreate Brushes / MONSTER Brush Pack

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☠️40 Brush Mutant Monster Mega-Pack☠️
**Lifetime Updates**
Texture your creatures, monsters, and hybrid characters.
An eclectic mix of organic & synthetic, Animal, Plant, & Insect elements including: Claws, Horns, Fur, Spikes, Barbs, Thorns, Tendrils, Jagged Scales, Sharp Teeth, Tails, Antennae, and Stems.
💀Build dragons, chimeras, aliens, and mythical beasts.
💀Create monstrous alien plants for your comic or manga.
💀Design wild logos and eye-catching graphics.
💀Draw complex and bizarre metal and goth band logos.
Pressure Sensitive / High Res
Great for:
🦴▪️ Lettering
🦴▪️ Borders
🦴▪️ Illustration
🦴▪️ Posters
🦴▪️ Calligraphy
🦴▪️ Graphic Design
🦴▪️ Character, Video Game, & Environment Design
🦴▪️ Abstract Art
🦴▪️ Costume Design & Fashion Illustration

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