Procreate Watercolor Brushes

Creating watercolor paintings has never been so easy with our procreate watercolor brushes. They are so easy to use you can start in a couple of seconds! Watercolor painting is one of the oldest forms of painting and artists started painting with this method hundreds of years ago. It was most popular in China and Korea but later it spread throughout the whole world. With watercolor brushes, you can draw on any type of texture you want like paper, plastics, leather, and all types of fabric. The watercolor collection includes all kinds of brushes like stamps, flowers, animals, alcohol brushes, and regular watercolor brushes. With these brushes, you can basically draw anything that you want, from portraits to nature, animals, abstract art, and everything in between. For commercial projects, you can use them for clothing, wedding invitations, and brand packaging. Our license covers all commercial uses so you won't have any headaches! The collection includes both smooth and textured brushes so you can pick the best one that suits you! Subscribe today and embark on your watercolor journey.

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