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Free Procreate lettering brushes are specialized tools, designed for calligraphy and lettering art. These free brushes emulate various styles of handwriting and calligraphy tools, such as brush pens, ink pens, and markers. They will allow you to create diverse lettering styles, from elegant script to bold, graphic typefaces. Each brush has unique properties like flow, opacity, and texture, providing a wide range of effects and styles suitable for different lettering projects.

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What Are Procreate Lettering Brushes Used For?

Procreate lettering brushes are used for a variety of purposes within digital art, particularly in the creation of hand-lettered designs and typographic artworks. These brushes are an integral part of the Procreate app, a popular digital illustration tool for iPad. Here are some common uses:

Hand Lettering and Calligraphy: Artists use these brushes to create hand-lettered artwork that mimics the look of traditional calligraphy and lettering done with ink and brush or pen. This includes various styles, from modern calligraphy to classic script. Explore more about this with our ultimate guide to Procreate lettering.

Typography Design: They are ideal for designing unique fonts and typographic compositions, allowing for the creation of original text designs for logos, posters, and other graphic design projects. Learn how to add patterned text in Procreate for more dynamic designs.

Illustration and Artwork: Lettering brushes are often used to add text to illustrations, such as comic books, book covers, or personalized greeting cards.¬†If you’re interested in creative text placement, discover how to make text spiral in Procreate.

Digital Design Elements: These brushes can create decorative elements in digital designs, such as flourishes, swashes, and other embellishments that complement the main text. For adding unique textual effects, see how to add scribble text in Procreate.

Educational and Practice Tool: They serve as a learning tool for those new to lettering and calligraphy, offering a digital means to practice and improve their skills without the need for traditional pen and ink.

Branding and Marketing Material: Businesses and marketers use lettering brushes to create unique and eye-catching branded content, such as advertisements, social media posts, and signage.

In essence, Procreate lettering brushes offer artists and designers a flexible, versatile, and convenient way to incorporate stylized text into their digital artwork, enhancing the visual appeal and uniqueness of their creations.

How To Make Your Writing Look Good in Procreate?

To make your writing look good in Procreate, focus on a few key steps: Choose the right brushes for your style, such as calligraphy or monoline brushes. Use the app’s customization options to adjust brush settings for better control. Practice consistent stroke width, spacing, and letter shapes. Employ guidelines to keep your text aligned and proportionate. Utilize layers for easy editing and to separate elements of your design. Finally, refine your strokes with the eraser or selection tool for a polished look, and experiment with colors and effects to add flair to your lettering. Regular practice and experimenting with different styles are essential for improving your skills in Procreate.

For specific techniques, learn how to add lettering in Procreate.

How To Smooth Handwriting in Procreate?

To smooth handwriting in Procreate, use the Streamline feature found in the brush settings. This feature stabilizes and smoothens your strokes, making it easier to create fluid, consistent lines. Adjust the Streamline setting to a higher percentage for a greater smoothing effect. Additionally, practice steady hand movements and use guidelines to maintain consistent letter shapes and sizes. Experimenting with different levels of Streamline and practicing regularly will help in achieving smoother handwriting.

How To Turn Handwriting Into Text in Procreate?

To turn handwriting into text in Procreate, you need to use the text tool. First, create your handwritten piece using a brush of your choice. Then, take a screenshot or save your artwork. Next, use the “Add Text” option to create a text box and type your text manually, trying to match your handwriting. Unfortunately, as of my last update, Procreate does not have a feature that automatically converts handwritten text into typed text. Therefore, manual transcription is necessary if you want to create a typed version of your handwritten work. Remember to choose a font and adjust the size, color, and alignment to closely resemble your original handwriting for consistency.

How To Hold a Pen for Brush Lettering in Procreate?

For brush lettering in Procreate, hold the Apple Pencil (or any stylus you use) similarly to how you would hold a traditional brush or pen for calligraphy. This usually means gripping it at a slightly slanted angle rather than straight up. The angle helps in creating varied stroke widths, which are essential in brush lettering. Apply pressure for thicker downstrokes and lighten it for thinner upstrokes. Experiment with different grips and angles to find what feels most comfortable and gives you the best control over your strokes. Remember, the key is to have a relaxed grip that allows for fluid movement and control over the pressure you apply.

Difference Between Lettering and Calligraphy Brushes in Procreate

In Procreate, the main difference between lettering and calligraphy brushes lies in their design and intended use:

  1. Calligraphy Brushes: These are designed to mimic traditional calligraphy tools, like pointed pens and flat nibs. They typically have pressure-sensitive settings that allow for varying stroke widths based on how hard you press the stylus to the screen. Calligraphy brushes are ideal for creating fluid, elegant strokes that vary between thick and thin, characteristic of classic calligraphy styles.
  2. Lettering Brushes: While they can be similar to calligraphy brushes, lettering brushes in Procreate often encompass a broader range. They include brushes for block letters, brush script, and other decorative styles that might not necessarily have the variable stroke width typical of calligraphy. Lettering brushes can be more rigid or have different textures to create specific effects and styles that are more aligned with modern hand-lettering than traditional calligraphy.

In summary, calligraphy brushes in Procreate are more specialized for traditional calligraphy with variable stroke widths, while lettering brushes offer a wider variety of styles and textures for more general hand-lettering purposes.

Best Procreate brushes for writing:

Picking brush set for your next project will depend on what style you want to create with your lettering. There are different styles like : Calligraphy, handwriting and script. On the list below you will be able to browse our most popular brushes. If these ones don’t fit your needs you can always browse through our lettering category, we have all possible types of lettering brushes over there!